How to Use LinkedIn to Manage Your Career

Create an effective LinkedIn profile to help get a new job, or to improve your reputation within your own company.

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Having an effective LinkedIn profile is no longer an option. It is an essential element of your career management.

It’s needed for people who want to be successful in their chosen career as well as for job searchers.

Whether you want to start from fresh or revise something you already have I can help make your profile eye-catching and effective.
Look at your LinkedIn profile – is it as effective as it can be?
Or is it boring, and dull, failing to do you justice.
Recruiters will use LinkedIn to research candidates so it is crucial you have an effective online presence.
Far more than a CV your LinkedIn profile allows you to display more of your personality, recommendations and much more detail on your career history and much more.
I’ve undertaken significant training to support my practical skills, read more in the WHY DENISE Lesson which you can preview below.
Imagine if you had
  • An eye catching, informative, search engine optimized headline
  • A powerful summary highlighting your key expertise
  • Expert guidance on how to use LinkedIn to maximize your chance of success

Whether you are new to LinkedIn or have been a LinkedIn user for a while, and recognize you need an update, I’ve got the expertise to help.

Create an effective LinkedIn profile to help get a new job, or to improve your reputation within your own company.

This 5 module online courses comprises 30 short videos and supporting notes. This makes it easy to fit in working on your profile around your busy life.
We cover
The Basics
  • Getting Prepared
  • Putting it together
  • Enhance your profile
The Sophisticated Steps
  • Building contacts and raising your profile
  • Career Management and Job Search
And … it’s not just once and it’s done!
  • LinkedIn Maintenance.
You get life time access and this includes access to any additional material I add in – as I learn more.

People Say
This is an excellent resource on making the most of LinkedIn, and believe me, there is much more to it than you realise! Denise’s guide is practical and easy to follow so you can dip in and tweak parts of your profile as and when you need to. Great work Denise and many thanks!” Cherry Douglas.
“This resource covers everything you need to know about how to use LinkedIn effectively to find work in a practical, step by step manner. It’s also in plain English too so it’s easy to follow. What Denise doesn’t know about LinkedIn isn’t worth knowing!” Mark Anderson.
‘Denise has made this guide very accessible and seems to have pinpointed all of the key areas. My LinkedIn profile has certainly been boosted by following her steps.’ Charles, Gloucester
“For the first time I’m beginning to see how LinkedIn might work …Thank you, this thought has move my thinking forward, and that’s what we need, isn’t it”
‘I’ve been on LinkedIn for 18 months and never really saw the benefit. Within an hour of following Denise’s clear, comprehensive guide to LinkedIn, I was beginning to use it as a powerful aid to help me get my dream job. Apart from revising my own page to make it more relevant and attractive, I was actively using LinkedIn to seek out those working in my field of interest and to ask and answer questions about my chosen career, and the steps I need to take to get me where I want to go. Denise’s guide is simple, easy to understand, and straightforward. It may sound silly, but after reading it and following her suggestions, I felt that I was taking charge of marketing myself and working towards a better future’. Neil B, Oxford
As with all social networking sites, the key to getting the best from LinkedIn is to use it smartly. Denise’s practical guide takes you from basic user to savvy networker, combining technical tips with sound advice. Denise takes the view of the outside world and helps you to see things from an external perspective, enabling you to maximise the impact of your profile, activities and networking. A very effective navigation tool for today’s career managers. Sarah, London

Intended Audience: Professionals, Graduates, Career Changers, Students

Getting Started
What's coming up
Why Denise
Handout: Slides Week 0
Getting Prepared
Identify Current State and Privacy Settings
Gather Info, Claim Your Name, Action Steps for Week 0
Getting Started
Character Count
Handout: Slides Week 1
Employment/ Experience
Summary Section
Other Contact / Additional Information
Review, Layout and Action Steps
Handout: Slides Week 2
Keywords and Extra Sections
Enhance your Profile
Background and Colour
Check, Action Steps and Review
Handout: Slides Week 3
Getting Ready to Connect
Manage Your Contacts
LinkedIn Groups
Status Updates and Long Form Posts
Sharing Content
Gather content and Homework for Week 3
Handouts of Slides Week 4
LinkedIn for Employees
LinkedIn for Career Management
LinkedIn for Job Search
How Recruiters use LinkedIn
Stealth Job Search
NEW Open Candidate
Daily Job Search Tasks
LinkedIn for research
LinkedIn Maintenance
How to write the perfect LinkedIn Summary
Reminding you of the basics
Moving on - Part 1
Moving on - part 2
Moving on - Part 3
Moving on - Part 4
Moving On - Part 5
Presume Links
Moving On - Part 6
Moving On - part 7
Moving On - Part 8
Moving On - part 9
Moving On - Part 10

What's included

  • 41 Video Lessons
  • 14 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Denise Taylor